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Welcome to “The Orange Collection.” My journey into painting began in 2008. Like many artists, I experimented with various subjects before finding my muse. Growing up in Ojai, California, surrounded by orange groves, oranges naturally became my focal point. What started as a simple choice of subject evolved into a unique style when I accidentally incorporated beach sand into my paintings. This happened one day when my boys spilled a bucket of sand near my workspace in our dining room. Mixing sand into the paint added a tangible texture to the oranges, making them almost lifelike.

The Orange Collection

In 2009, one of my initial paintings that gained recognition in an art show was titled “Oranges in the Tree.” This piece was notable for incorporating sand into the artwork, a technique that was new for me at the time. I custom-built the canvas for this painting, which measured approximately 3 feet by 4 feet. This particular work was a turning point for me, significantly boosting my confidence and reinforcing my belief in my artistic potential.

The Orange Collection
The Orange Collection

In 2009, “The Hanging Oranges” was created as an 18 x 24-inch board painting, utilizing a mix of acrylic and sand.

“Night Oranges,” created in 2010, is an acrylic and sand painting on a canvas measuring 14 inches by 34 inches. The canvas was personally stretched by the artist, Guy Wann.

The Orange Collection

The year 2008 was financially challenging; my plumbing business suffered, leading me to use exterior house paint for my art. This unconventional choice was partly due to the affordability of mis-tinted paints from local hardware stores. Surprisingly, this paint had the same quality as traditional art paints, only thinner, which suited my work well. Over five years, I painted daily as a stress reliever, which inadvertently honed my skills and style.

In 2013, I developed a unique 3-D painting collection by repurposing hollow interior doors. I modified these doors by sealing their ends with caulking and drywall mud. Approximately 20 pieces were crafted, and I successfully sold about half of them. These distinctive artworks were displayed in the front lobby of the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Some of these pieces are still available for purchase, though potential buyers should be aware that they are quite heavy.

An encounter with a well-known artist, whose name escapes me, was pivotal. She advised me that learning to paint without formal classes might be a blessing, as it would lead me to develop a unique style, unlike class-taught artists who often mimic their teachers’ styles. This resonated with me, especially since my style vastly differs from my mother’s, who was also a painter.

Between 2013 and 2014, I created a series of orange paintings, each measuring 8 x 10 inches, on canvas boards. In total, there were at least 200 of these acrylic and sand artworks, many of which were sold to collectors worldwide.

The Orange Collection

This page showcases some of my hundreds of orange paintings. Many have found homes across the globe, in places like Dubai, Germany, Switzerland, and New York City. Ojai, a hub for tourists and artists alike, has been a significant market for my work. Enjoy browsing through my creations. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any available paintings, feel free to reach out.

The Orange Collection

In 2013, I participated in my first Art in the Park show with my own booth. This event marked a significant milestone for me, as it was the first time I managed to sell a considerable number of my paintings. Prior to this, I was uncertain if there was a market for my work. The success at this show was not only affirming but also greatly encouraged me to create and sell more of my art.

In 2014, Guy Wann’s exhibit at Art in the Park significantly boosted his profile. That same year, one of his paintings was nominated for “Painting of the Year,” and he was honored as “Artist of the Year 2014.”

Guy Wann Standing infront of "Parade of Oranges"
Poster for Ojai Day of the painting "Parade of Oranges"

In 2014, my artwork titled “Parade of Oranges” received a nomination and was honored as the painting of the year. This recognition led to me being named Artist of the Year, and they even produced posters featuring this painting. One such poster was used in the advertising for Ojai Day, prominently displaying my work.

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