Guy Wann Art Pricing Guide: Sell Artwork Confidently
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Guy Wann’s journey into painting began in 2008 during a period of work slowdown. Facing health concerns, his doctor advised him to find a hobby to avoid stress-related issues. This led him to visit his mother, an artist living in Bruus near Puerto Vallarta, who was hosting an art show. Inspired by her, Guy considered painting, encouraged by his mother’s belief that artistic talent was in their family. With limited funds due to the 2008 recession, he invested in basic art supplies and self-taught through YouTube and his mother’s guidance, painting daily for five years.

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Six months into his new hobby, Guy entered his first art show at the Ojai Valley Museum with three paintings, marking the start of his public art journey. By 2013, his work began gaining traction. He participated in the Art in the Park event, selling paintings worth $600. His success continued, leading to invitations to showcase his work at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, where he sold to international patrons from over 20 countries.

In 2014, Guy’s career flourished. He was nominated as Artist of the Year in Ojai, signing autographs on posters featuring his painting “Parade of Oranges.” He continued to sell at the Valley Inn and expanded to wine shops and galleries. After moving to Utah, he adapted his style to local subjects like aspen trees. Guy Wann converted a barn on his new property into a studio, continuing his artistic endeavors and enjoying various projects.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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